F45 Wholefood Meal Plans

Our meals are made to fit within F45 challenge guidelines, they are all gluten free, made with free range meat and eggs and packaged in ecoware compostable packaging as sustainability is important to us.
We change the menu weekly to ensure a good variety of meals, both hot and cold  to keep you on track.
Our aim for meals to be DELICIOUS as eating healthy doesn't mean missing out.
We have 3 pick up or delivery (to certain F45 studios) days per week to ensure food is fresh.
Womens meals are 500 calories or below and mens are 650 or below. We will email you through nutritional information for meals when you order with us. 
Order meals through our online store togethercatering.co.nz before Friday 4pm for the following week
Menus will be posted on our instagram and facebook page each week on a Wednesday 
We currently offer the following meal plan options -
Mens/Womens/Vegetarian full week 5 day meal plan
(consists of lunches and dinners Monday to Friday and 5 x FREE chocolate truffles) Price - $140 for Womens and $160 for Males 
Mens/Womens/Vegetarian 3 day meal plan
(consists of lunches and dinners Monday to Wednesday)
Price - $84 for Womens and $96 for Males 
Mens/Womens/Vegetarian Lunches ONLY meal plan 
(consists of 5 lunches a week Monday to Friday) 
Price - $70 for Womens and $80 for Males 
There is also be an option for members to order any of these plans for the full challenge (6.5 weeks) and receive a 10% discount