Together At Home - Breakfasts & Bread *
Chia Porridge
Together At Home - Breakfasts & Bread *

Together At Home - Breakfasts & Bread *

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Together at home, breakfast options 


Creamy vanilla and coconut chia porridge with berry compote (4 Servings) GF 

Apple and cinnamon bircher muesli, oats and seeds soaked in coconut cream (4 Servings)

Raspberry & toasted coconut granola (250g) 

Wild Wheat Sourdough 

House made Seed bread GF/DF 

Cold Pressed Juices 1ltr  - Green/Pink/Orange, will keep for 3 days in the fridge 


Contactless pick ups & North Shore/ Hibiscus Coast/Coatesville, Riverhead Delivery available (Please message us if you are unsure about delivery location) Monday/Wednesday/Friday afternoons 

Meals must be ordered before 7pm the night before the delivery/pick up day you want