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Q. Tell me a bit about how Together came about?

"Being friends for years, we have always loved the idea of creating something together based around wellbeing and food. Together started as something we did for fun in our spare time, putting together dinner parties for friends – any excuse to create an antipasto platter.

After a push in the right direction, Together has organically grown into a full-time job for the both of us. Some amazing opportunities have presented themselves at just the right time and we have grabbed them with both hands, learning as we go."

Q. Have you always had an interest in food? 

Emily: "My interest in natural, unprocessed foods began while living in London, where I loved roaming the aisles of Wholefoods and experimenting with nourishing, new ingredients. The importance of eating well became a priority when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer.

I love to create meals to share with my friends and family, using seasonal produce and whatever I have on hand. I find it therapeutic, I'm most content when I'm in the kitchen.


Phoebe: "My passion for food started when I decided to study Holistic Nutrition, a few years ago. Learning about the benefits of eating naturally inspired me to experiment with new recipes and ingredients. I have an organic garden at home and I love to create meals with whatever is growing. Cooking for me, is a way of expressing my love and creativity."

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